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Energoatom is a member of a number of international organisations.

Since 1997 it has been a member of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO71 For more information about WANO, please go to http://www.wano.info/en-gb/aboutus/ ). WANO helps its members share their operating experience to ensure they can jointly achieve the highest possible standards of nuclear safety during operation of their nuclear facilities. All members of WANO that operate nuclear facilities can communicate and share information in the cooperative and open climate.

In 2006, Energoatom joined the World Nuclear Association (WNA)72 For more information about WNA, please go to http://www.world-nuclear.org/ ), an international organization seeking to promote the peaceful use of nuclear power as a sustainable energy resource for the coming centuries. The Association deals with nuclear power generation and all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle including mining, conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication, construction of power stations, transport, and the safe disposition of spent fuel.

Since 2007 Energoatom has been a member of EUR (European Utility Requirements) that was established in 1991 by European electricity producers in order the operating companies can develop technical specifications to new nuclear plants with light water reactors on the basis of common experience and cooperation.

In 2008, Energoatom invited Ukrainian fuel and energy companies to participate in establishment of the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association73 For more about Ukrainian Nuclear Forum, please go to http://www.atomforum.org.ua/ . The company is currently a member and a co-founder of the Association. The aim of the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association is the coordination of activities for solving common economic and social problems, the impact on the formation of public policy concerning nuclear industry, assistance in the achievement of higher level of confidence on the part of Ukrainian society to the use of nuclear energy in economics.

Since 2011 Energoatom has been a member of FORATOM75 For more about FORATOM, please go to https://www.foratom.org/ (through membership in the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association). FORATOM is the Brussels-based trade association for the nuclear energy industry in Europe. Ukraine has been an associate member of European Nuclear Forum since 26 June 2011.

In 2015, Energoatom joined ENISS76 For more about ENISS, please go to http://www.eniss.eu/ European Nuclear Installations Safety Standards Initiative (under the umbrella of FORATOM).

Over 2,500 employees of Energoatom are members of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society77 For more about Ukrainian Nuclear Society, please go to https://ukrns.org/ua/ , the largest public nuclear science and technology organization that brings together key enterprises and academic institutions of nuclear industry of Ukraine.

Since 2014, Energoatom has been a member of the Centre for CSR Development78 For more about the Centre for CSR Development, please go to http://csr-ukraine.org/ , a non-profit organisation that brings together socially responsible companies of Ukraine.