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Hryhory Muliar,
Director of Human Resources and Social Affairs, SE NNEGC Energoatom

Over 20 years of operation, Energoatom has become a real locomotive of development for cities and regions where nuclear power plants and enterprises of the Company operate. Energoatom provides for the stability and well-being of almost 35,000 employees. In the towns of Energodar, Varash, Yuzhnoukrainsk and Netishyn, the families of our employees account for over 50% of the total population, which means that Energoatom is a major employer and taxpayer in the regions.

Taking care about the comfort of its employees and local communities, the Company makes a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the satellite towns where its NPPs operate. Energoatom creates good working conditions, cares about the safety and welfare of its employees, encourages their professional development, and implements local development programmes in partnership with local authorities. These efforts contribute to raising the living standards in satellite towns.


Over the years of its operations, Energoatom has won the reputation of a responsible and reliable employer, striving to create comfortable conditions of work and leisure for its employees and investing consistently in the development of satellite localities. Therefore, the best specialists in the industry choose to work at nuclear power plants and enterprises under umbrella of the Company.

Energoatom’s social policy rests on the following priorities:

Highly skilled employees, improvement of manpower utilisation efficiency, higher productivity

Youth policy

Stronger motivation of employees

Sports and recreation activities

Comprehensive approach to addressing housing issues in satellite localities

Promotion of culture and aesthetics among employees

Improvement of a system of medical and rehabilitation services

Wider cooperation with local self-governments in satellite towns of NPPs.

Improvement of a social protection system

Higher living standards and contribution to the development of satellite localities are among the focus areas in the Energoatom's social policy. After all, the Company's nuclear power plants employ the majority of local residents in the towns where they are based.

The taxes paid by Energoatom to local budgets are channelled, among other things, to the development of social infrastructure: educational, health, cultural and sports facilities that create comfortable living conditions.

Energoatom’s social policy goals and objectives

Raise living standards of employees

Take a comprehensive approach to increasing motivation of employees (financial, work and status incentives)

Reduce human factors affecting the quality, reliable and safe operations of NPPs

Promote investment programmes seeking to improve living standards in local communities in the areas of Energoatom’s presence (in satellite towns of our NPPs)


Energoatom embraces an HR management strategy that gives every employee the opportunity to reveal their potential, make a difference for the Company and their locality, and receive psychic and financial income from the quality of work done. Such a personal approach in HR management makes it possible to guarantee the high performance and sustainable development of the Company and ensure the effectiveness and safety in every workplace.

In total, Energoatom employed 34,950 employees in 2016.

Energoatom pays its employees the competitive 14,055 salaries, offers social benefits and gives opportunities for professional development.

Energoatom’s total headcount, 2014–2016







Energoatom headcount structure by category, 2016

Energoatom headcount structure by gender, 2016

Energoatom headcount structure by age, 2016

Respecting human rights

HR management at Energoatom is aimed at preventing discrimination at work, offering flexible working conditions to employees with families and ensuring gender equality in the workplace.

In addition, the Company has created the enabling conditions to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for employees of both sexes.

Energoatom reserves jobs to employ young professionals, both women and men, and applies the parity of participation in making production, economic, social and managerial decisions. All employees of the Company have equal opportunities to develop their leadership skills and have a work-life balance.


Nuclear power industry needs highly skilled personnel. This production is high-tech and knowledge-based and thus requires properly qualified employees, which are highly valued all over the world. To retain its staff and attract skilled specialists to the Ukrainian nuclear power industry, Energoatom has developed a code of responsible employer. Among the fundamental principles of this code are competitive salaries and social benefits for the Company's employees.

Social benefits of employees in all subdivisions and enterprises under the umbrella of Energoatom are in line of social benefits and guarantees provided for by the laws of Ukraine and the collective bargaining agreement. This social package includes various types of welfare assistance, employees’ health and safety programmes, provision of housing, and training programmes.



Energoatom’s social benefits under the collective bargaining agreement:

  • Various types of welfare assistance (including birth allowance, nursing aid for employees with children aged from 3 to 6 years, nursing aid for employees with children with disabilities, serous disease aid for employees, funeral payments in case of death of an employee or his/her close relatives, etc.)
  • One-off recreation allowance
  • One-off retirement allowance
  • Hot meals and healthy food for employees in canteens according to nutritional therapy recommendations
  • Interest-free loans to improve housing conditions and student loans
  • Employee commuting services paid by employers
  • Assistance to the WWII veterans and combatants involved in the counter-terrorism operations (АТО)
  • Support to young specialists and other social guarantees.

Average monthly salary at Energoatom against Ukraine's industry average monthly salary, 2014-2016, UAH

Ukraine’s industry data are according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Energoatom's expenses to implement regulations of guarantees and compensations, which are an integral part of the collective bargaining agreement, account for a third of the Company's social development expenses.



Energoatom social spending financed by electricity supply tariff, 2014-2016, million UAH

The line "Other social development expenses" includes expenditures to cover employees’ social benefits (the so called social package).


As part of our commitment to care for the welfare of employees and residents of satellite towns, Energoatom takes a comprehensive approach to solving social and local issues. To this end, the Company deepens and extensively improves cooperation with local governments and allocates funds to keep up and develop social infrastructure facilities that are in the books of the Company's separate subdivisions.

Among the Company's social infrastructure facilities are health and recreation centres for NPP employees’ rehabilitation and health improvement; sports and recreational facilities for NPP employees and their families; community and business centres where public events are held; summer recreation camps for children of NPP employees; hostels, hotels, etc.

Annually, Energoatom allocates funds for the maintenance of social infrastructure facilities in accordance with a social development financing programme. Under this programme, these facilities provide some services free of charge, while others are provided on a paid basis to help the facilities compensate partially for their operation. This enables the separate subdivisions of the Company to raise additional funds for the development of social infrastructure facilities and renovate cultural and sports facilities to ensure better servicing of NPP personnel and local population.


IN ENERGOATOM’S EXPENSES TO MAINTAIN SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE FACILITIES IN 201668 Energoatom’s expenses on housing, social and cultural infrastructure maintenance were used in 2016 to repair and improve non-residential premises, hostels in satellite localities, purchase furniture, fire-fighting equipment, metering devices, etc.


Employee health care is a priority of Energoatom’s social policy. In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, the Company's employees annually have the opportunity to improve their health in recreational facilities. In 2016, our 14,227 employees took advantage of these services costing a total of UAH 111.12 million. The Company takes care of the children of its employees as well: we invested UAH 29.13 million into rehabilitation of 5,454 children in 2016.

Recreation and rehabilitation of Energoatom’s employees and their children, 2014–2016

Recreation and rehabilitation of Energoatom employees and their children, 2014-2016, persons

Recreation and rehabilitation of Energoatom employees and their children, 2014-2016, million UAH


Realising that the corporate culture is the key to the company's success, Energoatom places a high value on its employees and encourages them to adhere to the corporate ethics standards. We incentivise our employees for their top performance at work and recognise the teamwork and leadership as the ability to make decisions at all levels of the Company's operations. Our employees, in turn, enjoy opportunities for professional advancement, career growth and self-development and receive material rewards for achievements.

The Code of Corporate Ethics in place regulates the development of the Company's corporate culture and employees’ compliance with high standards of conduct traditional for the nuclear power sector.

Energoatom recognises and values the following traits and aspirations of its employees:

  • Personal recognition of the role of safety
  • Adherence to the safety principles
  • Focus on competences and high professional qualifications
  • Conscious attitude to their job responsibilities, initiative and proactivity in their roles
  • Professionalism and aspirations for professional advancement
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline and responsibility for the performance of assigned tasks
  • Honesty, integrity and goodwill
  • Communication skills, aspirations for complete and reliable exchange of information
  • Care and reasonableness at work
  • Commitment to improvement of production processes, safety procedures and quality of work.


Our skilled employees are one of the main factors of Energoatom’s success and our most valuable resource. Employees are key to sustainable development and effectiveness of the Company. Therefore, Energoatom has created all the necessary conditions for training, professional development and career advancement of specialists at different levels.

In accordance with the current laws of Ukraine, the government supplies a sufficient number of skilled personnel to keep nuclear power facilities to the safety and functioning standards. In turn, Energoatom is responsible for the proper operation of such facilities, establishes the qualification requirements for the personnel, and employs a sufficient number of staff with proper qualifications. This helps achieve the Company's goals and ensures compliance with the safety standards, efficient manpower utilisation and HR development.

Energoatom’s personnel are trained in special training centres, which have government licenses for such activities. The Company’s training centres (TCs) hold a total of 12 HR training licenses and permits of the regulatory authorities. Personnel training in the centres takes place in accordance with the approved schedules.

Energoatom staff training, 2016, man courses

Type of training


Zaporizhzhya NPP

Rivne NPP

Khmelnytska NPP

South-Ukraine NPP


Primary vocational training














Skills sustainment







Special training







Skills upgrading














Energoatom staff training, 2014-2016, man courses

The Company's training centres are mainly responsible for personnel training, but subdivisions and third-party organisations are also engaged.

Energoatom and South-Ukraine NPP accounted for the most training expenses, UAH 37,232,300 and UAH 29,111,700 respectively.

Energoatom staff training pattern, 2016, man courses

Energoatom staff training expenses, 2016, thou UAH

In 2016, Energoatom trained 423 licensed employees to fill all vacancies requiring such qualifications. This secures uninterrupted performance of shifts according to Ukrainian legislation.

UAH 0 . 0 MILLION69 The 2016 budget earmarked UAH 65.586 million for personnel training. However, that year young specialists were not trained as a specialised university in the Crimea had been lost because of the peninsula’s annexation.



To build the teams of professionals who are able to make managerial decisions, the Company places its stake on management succession planning. This ensures successive and continuous management of the Company, which is positive for the nation’s nuclear, radiation and industrial safety and guarantees the uninterrupted operation of nuclear power enterprises.

In the succession pool development, efforts are important to instil such qualities in employees as respect for the safety culture, prevention of any mistakes at work, integrity and commitment to work. After all, openness and a favourable atmosphere between frontline employees and company management guarantees the uninterrupted operation of nuclear power enterprises.

Training of the management succession pool is based on a modular system:

Security management

Production management, economics and finance



HR management

Presidential succession pool

6 months’ training

12 training modules

Group work

Individual internship in the presidential role

Company’s efficiency HR management recommendations

17 certified succession pool members for the presidency

In 2016, 13 middle managers and 14 senior managers took management succession training courses.

Presidential succession pool

A specialised training programme based on the initiatives of Energoatom’s President Yuriy O. Nedashkovsky

Objective: Train succession pool members for the role of the Company’s President by developing key management competences necessary for the Company's operation amid liberalisation of Ukraine's energy market and accession to the EU open energy market.

Implementation period: 2015-2016.

In 2016, Energoatom’s employees took training in the International Management Institute in line with a curriculum specially developed the Academy of Nuclear Power Industry Executives. Succession pool members for the presidential role in the Company took 12 training modules, including Business Objectives and Corporate Governance, Strategic Vision and Management Effectiveness, Project Management and Risk Management, Safety Management in the Nuclear Sector, Managerial Psychology, etc. Following the training, each of them had an individual internship in the presidential role. In the end of the training, succession pool members developed consulting projects, acting as a specially engaged consultancy. Every group worked to solve a certain problem and gave recommendations of how to address it.

Succession pool members developed and presented the following projects: “Key performance indicators of NPP operation”, “Development of a financial and economic model of the Company's service units in the market economy environment”, “Finding mechanisms to improve the effectiveness of the Company with the lean manufacturing principles”, and “Developing an effective payroll system as an element of the HR incentive system to achieve the Company's goals, using personnel assessment methods”.

Outcomes. The Presidential Succession Pool programme made it possible not only to develop the managerial skills of participants, but also to conduct a comprehensive analysis of operations of Energoatom's subdivisions. The programme resulted in the implementation of the most interesting ideas suggested in the consulting projects.

In 2016, 17 presidential succession pool members received the programme completion certificates and advanced training certificates.

“Since the Soviet Union times, no one had expected economic benefits from the nuclear sector. But with the independence, transition to a market economy, and Ukraine's European aspirations, we the workers of the nuclear power industry need to focus more on the economic component of our operations. Certainly, we must not forget about the safety as the top priority of the NPPs' operations. This is our first experience, but I hope that in future the Company’s senior management will put more emphasis on the economic efficiency of nuclear energy." Kostiantyn Koba, Chief Inspector at Khmelnytska NPP, a participant of the Presidential Succession Pool programme.

"For us, the main thing is that we have learnt the science of management. The Company gave us the opportunity to see a mechanism of leader’s actions through the prism of science: what to do, how to manage, and what tools to use. Participation in this training programme gives invaluable experience." Oleksandr Masliukov, Head of Repairs Department at South Ukraine NPP.


Energoatom encourages new ideas generated by the Company's employees under the age of 35 years. For this purpose, we hold annual contests of R&D reports to help young specialists raise their general knowledge, exchange experience and find new ways to streamline the production process. Such contests are held among the separate subdivisions of the Company in the relevant areas, and the winners participate in sectoral, nationwide and international scientific conferences on behalf of Energoatom and receive remuneration determined by the Company's management and the trade union committee.

We also conduct annual competitions of professional skills among the young professionals under 35, which makes it possible to identify the best employees of our separate subdivisions. According to the terms and conditions of such competitions, winners receive a bonus, an improvement in rank or category and a 10% monthly salary mark-up for qualifications.


As the Company’s effectiveness and efficiency directly depend on the skills of specialists, Energoatom has established close cooperation with specialised educational institutions, taking into account their scientific and educational practices. In the framework of this cooperation, the leading universities of Ukraine train young specialists and conduct skills upgrading courses for Energoatom’s employees.

Our cooperation with the country's specialised universities is aimed at training skilled personnel for the nuclear power industry. The close cooperation ensures the organic unity in the system of continuous training of specialists and connects fundamental scientific and theoretical knowledge with practice, instils the absolute priority of safety and high standards of the peaceful use of atomic energy in a new generation of nuclear workers.

For a harmonious combination of theory and practice, Energoatom offers Ukrainian specialised universities its facilities for students’ industrial placement and internships so that future nuclear power specialists can try their hand in real-time operation and apply the acquired knowledge in practice. This not only gives invaluable experience, but also allows reinforcing what students leant in universities. Such an approach enables the country to supply specialists ready to start performing their duties right after the university. However, the training of specialists for the nuclear power industry begins even earlier — with occupational guidance for schoolchildren.

Energoatom's educational projects for schools and specialised educational institutions stimulate the youth’s interest in the Company's operations in particular and the development of nuclear sector in general. Participants in Energoatom’s educational projects partake in creativity competitions, enter specialised departments of Ukrainian universities, and have industrial placement and internships at nuclear power plants and enterprises under umbrella of Energoatom.

Energoatom's educational programmes for schools and universities

  • Studying under tripartite agreements “Energoatom – Student – University”
  • Industrial placement
  • Summer Nuclear School
  • Energoatom Spring School
  • Lectures and practicals conducted by leading professionals of Energoatom’s separate subdivisions for students
  • Energoatom scholarship


For many years, Energoatom has been cooperating with Ukrainian higher education institutions under tripartite agreements. It helps the Company beef up its staff with new specialists, universities enjoy a stable demand for training such students, and the students can land a job after graduation. Energoatom has signed such agreements with the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Odessa National Polytechnic University, Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Power and Industry. We lost touch with the latter after the Crimea annexation and the loss of a license to operate nuclear power facilities. Therefore, Energoatom’s management has concluded agreements with the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” and Vinnytsia National Technical University.



In 2016, Energoatom employed 115 graduates trained in specialised universities under tripartite agreements, of which 52 graduated from Odessa National Polytechnic University, 25 from the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", 5 from the National University "Lviv Polytechnic", and 33 from other universities.

Number of students studying under tripartite agreements between Energoatom and higher education institutions, 2016

Higher education institution

Number of students

Odessa National Polytechnic University


National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"


Vinnytsia National Technical University


National University "Lviv Polytechnic"


Zaporizhzhya National Technical University


Ukrainian State Chemistry and Technology University



Under the agreements, students of the above universities have the opportunity to practice directly at nuclear power plants under the supervision of skilled specialists. Future graduates have an opportunity to learn first-hand about production processes in a training and technology centre run by a repair personnel training shop. Young people are always interested in practical activities, because it gives them the opportunity to take the first steps as future employees of the nuclear power plant. Student groups are based on their lines of profession, for example, heating and mechanical equipment, metal processing, electrical equipment, etc.

Thanks to cooperation with universities, future NPP workers have the opportunity to make the first steps in the profession, get an idea of what they will have to work with and on what aspects they should focus.

Industrial placement offers great opportunities to students to get invaluable experience onsite.

Educational establishment

Number of students that had industrial placement and internship at Energoatom, 2016


Industrial placement

Pre-graduation internship

Total in universities





Kyiv Polytechnic Institute




Odessa National Polytechnic University




Lviv Polytechnic




Vinnytsia National Technical University




Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute




Zaporizhzhya National Technical University




Other universities




Students of vocational schools and colleges,




incl. vocational school of Rivne NPP









Summer Nuclear School provides an opportunity to deepen significantly the students’ knowledge so that they have more options to work at nuclear power plants and do researches in the area of nuclear energy. The Summer Nuclear School’s curriculum popularise nuclear power as an integral component of the country’s energy industry and promotes high academic standards in this area.

This project was successfully implemented between 2011 and 2016. Over this time, Summer Nuclear School had trained 110 students of higher education institutions.

In 2016, Summer Nuclear School took place at South-Ukraine NPP under the slogan "Youth and the Future of Nuclear Energy in Ukraine". Altogether, 14 professors of higher education institutions, including two lecturers from the University of Western Bohemia (Czech Republic), took part in the project. The School trained 35 students, of which five came from the Czech Republic.

Summer Nuclear School is a platform to train skilled specialists for the nuclear sector and strengthen partnership between Energoatom and universities.

Summer Nuclear School offers:

  • Training platforms directly on site of an NPP
  • Best professors from Ukraine and other countries
  • High educational standards.


Lectures are another format of cooperation between Energoatom and higher education institutions. The Company's specialists deliver lectures in universities and invite students directly to the sites of Energoatom’s separate subdivisions.

In 2016 during their pre-graduation internship, students of Odessa National Polytechnic University trained at a full-featured simulator in the Technical Centre at Zaporizhzhya NPP, and undergraduates of the same universities had practicals. Leading specialists of the Training Centre at Rivne NPP delivered lectures for students of Vinnytsia National Technical University, Odessa National Polytechnic University, and Lviv Polytechnic.

Energoatom’s specialists also regularly participate in occupational guidance classes for schoolchildren and meet with students of pre-entry courses to inform them about most-in-demand jobs in the labour market and about the terms and conditions of individual tripartite agreements. In addition, the Company's specialists sit on examination boards of universities. In particular, in 2016 they sat on the examination board in Odessa National Polytechnic University, where graduates majoring in the nuclear power defended their bachelor’s and specialist’s graduation papers.


The Company’s management decided to award scholarships to the best students who showed outstanding abilities during studies and practicals.

The best professors are also recognised. In 2016, they were paid bonuses to a total of UAH 48,000.





Energoatom realises its role for Ukraine as a whole and for many cities, towns and villages where NPPs are local mainstays providing jobs for the most locals. The Company strives to develop together with local communities, invest in comfortable living conditions and sustainable development for the sake of future generations.

Every year, Energoatom pays a social and economic compensation for the risks faced by population in the supervised areas. The compensation amounts to 1% of the electricity sold by the company for a relevant period.

This compensation is established by the Law of Ukraine On the Nuclear Energy Use and Radiation Safety: nuclear power enterprises must provide social and economic compensation to the residents living in areas where nuclear power plants are located. Such compensation takes form of a duty paid to local budgets.

This target-oriented subsidy is allocated to construction, reconstruction, capital and current repairs of social infrastructure facilities, electricity, water, gas, heat supply and sewage networks, provision of personal protective equipment and iodine medications to the population.

Nevertheless, Energoatom does not confine itself to the payments provided by law. The satellite towns of our nuclear power plants receive additional financial assistance in the framework of development programmes for localities where the Company's employees live.

In addition, NPPs contributes to the development of their satellite localities by paying corporate income taxes to local budgets.



Key areas of financial assistance include:

  • Maintenance of social and cultural facilities, which are in the books of Energoatom70 For more about supporting social infrastructure, please see Maintaining and Developing Social Facilities subsection.
  • Construction of housing and non-industrial facilities that sustain satellite towns.


Energoatom encourages the development of local communities, building the environment that enables a balanced growth and development of satellite localities and their residents as well as helps meet their cultural and social needs.


Separate subdivisions of Energoatom have in the books and finance annually housing, utility, social and cultural facilities. For more about this area, see the Maintaining and Developing Social Infrastructure subsection.

Energoatom puts great emphasis on community engagement and cooperation with local authorities regarding the development of engineering and social infrastructure in NPPs’ satellite towns. The Company:

  • joins efforts with them to find sources of local development financing;
  • co-finances the upgrade of utility services;
  • supports the development of educational, cultural and sports facilities.

NPPs’ social infrastructure, cultural, sports and recreational facilities are open to employees’ families and local residents

Zaporizhzhya NPP

Rivne NPP

South-Ukraine NPP

Khmelnytska NPP

Health and recreation resort
Water sports base
Sports complex
Community and business centre
Swimming pool
Yunist out-of-town health and recreation centre

Community centre
Health and recreation resort
Sports complex
Bile Ozero rehabilitation and recreation complex

Energetyk community centre
Olymp sports complex
Iskra rehabilitation and recreation complex
Druzhba recreation facility
Rybakivka recreation facility

Energetyk sports complex


Energoatom promotes the development of education, implementing relevant initiatives in several areas:

  • Supporting educational institutions in NPPs’ satellite localities, including the provision of equipment and training materials;
  • Implementing educational programmes that contribute to improving the quality of technical education in Ukraine and the training of young specialists for the nuclear sector.

Energoatom’s main efforts are aimed at improving the quality of education of students receiving industry-specific degrees, training future specialists for the nuclear sector, and raising public awareness about the safety of nuclear energy and the prospects for its development. These initiatives of Energoatom shape an objective public opinion in Ukraine and encourage the interest of young people in studying professions important for the development of the nuclear power industry.

Energoatom’s educational projects for schools and specialised universities

Energoatom Spring School

Energoatom Spring School is a Company’s educational project aimed at inviting active students of different specialties from different universities to learn more with the current developments in the nuclear sector in Ukraine.

Students’ educational plans include open lectures, discussions, visits, and meetings with employees of the nuclear power plants. In 2016, the course of lectures ended with a business game, where the participants had a discussion with the Company’s President Yuriy Nedashkovsky about solving nuclear power issues. In addition, the most active participants had the opportunity to visit South Ukraine NPP and received answers to their questions from the plant’s personnel.

56 Spring school graduates received course completion certificates from Energoatom In 2016

Students of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” who attended the Spring School shared their knowledge in another educational project, Energoatom — Specialised Universities — Schools, launched in 2016. With the support of the Company, graduates of the Spring School teach schoolchildren from all over Ukraine the basics of nuclear physics and nuclear energy. Last year, such lectures were delivered in Vyshnevе town, in schools located in satellite towns of our nuclear power plants, Netishyn and Yuzhnoukrainsk, as well as in schools in Khmelnytsky, Kyiv oblasts and in Ostroh Academy.

“Energoatom Spring School educational project enables future nuclear scientists to combine the theoretical knowledge they receive in universities with the practice of professionals who have many years of experience in the energy sector. Our NGO was established upon suggestions of the first participants of the project. We realise that close communication between students and professionals, open lectures, round tables and conferences offer great opportunities to supplement our knowledge, and, importantly, to choose the nuclear power as a walk of life.” Renata Yaresko, Chairwoman of Youth Energy Community NGO.

"With the Spring School project of Energoatom, schoolchildren received additional nuclear physics knowledge and visited the NPP, because they live in the town of nuclear power engineers. The schoolchildren realised the main thing: they should strive for the professional level and have strong skills to communicate with the audience to be successful." Valentyna Kovalchuk, a teacher of school No.1 in Netishyn.

Spring School 2015-2016 in figures:

over 120 participants

30 classes

over 300 questions

2 visits to NPPs (Zaporizhzhya NPP in 2015 and South-Ukraine NPP in 2016)

1 business game, Global Development of Nuclear Sector: Challenges and Prospects

Promoting STEM education in Ukraine

In 2015, Ukraine joined one of the most progressive educational area, STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). STEM education covers natural sciences, technology, technical creativity and mathematics. As a responsible employer, Energoatom sees wide opportunities STEM offers for the development of professional education in Ukraine in general and the nuclear power industry in particular. Therefore, the Company consolidated efforts with the Centre for CSR Development, leading Ukrainian and international high-tech companies to co-finance the STEM Education Coalition in Ukraine.

STEM education offers a number of courses and training programmes helping students land a job in leading companies.

In 2016, Energoatom joined the following programmes: STEM Girls and Top 20 Inspiring Women in STEM.

STEM Girls

Tetiana Amosova, Energoatom’s Director of Investment and Future Growth, was among Top 20 Inspiring Women. For teenage girls, she is a role model for professional self-fulfilment in such a challenging sector as the nuclear power.

STEM: Future Professions

In another STEM education project in 2016, a tenth-grader who won an essay contest for students, My Future Profession: Planning and Development, spent a whole working day with AtomRemontService CEO, Vitaly Shikun. The student observed the work of the enterprise, took part in a conference call, attended a public liaison office and saw how day-to-day operational issues were addressed.

"Thanks to the project, I got an opportunity to visit AtomRemontService. The visit to the enterprise made a fantastic impression because I saw how employees worked, a true teamwork. Most of all I remember a meeting when I was sitting near the CEO and saw how important working issues were addressed. This is a useful experience for me." Yuriy Dubohrai, a 10th grade student, Dobrovelychkivka Specialised Boarding School, Kirovohrad Oblast.

In addition, specialists of Energoatom invited the students of four schools in Kyiv to the Company, told them about the Company's operations, nuclear energy in Ukraine and the world. Educational and production associations in Іvankiv District, Kyiv oblast, received animated and illustrative materials about nuclear physics and nuclear power as part of initiatives to promote the STEM education.

The Company will further develop the STEM education in Ukraine, because it gives an opportunity to encourage gifted young people to study technology and science and choose the nuclear power as their profession.


Energoatom widely encourages the creativity among its employees and residents of satellite localities. The main stages of Varash, Energodar, Netishyn and Yuzhnoukrainsk see song contests, festivals, literary evenings, and award ceremonies for young artists and craftsmen.

Encouraging the creative potential among children and youth, Energoatom joined a project for children and youth’s creativity competitions, which were held in NPPs’ satellite towns last year. The children actively supported the Company’s initiative and performed not only for the residents of their native towns, but also for the Ukrainian military in the conflict area (ATO area) and in Irpin military hospital. The works of the creativity contest participants were also exhibited in the National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Arts.

International contest of vocal arts "City of Childhood"

In 2016, South-Ukraine NPP’s community centre hosted the first Best Singer contest among kids and youth aged 6 to 25 from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The participants showed their talents in jazz, variety, folk and academic vocal arts.


Energoatom takes care of the health of its employees and residents of the regions where the nuclear power plants are located. Sports grounds and sports facilities (swimming pools, children's sports schools, boxing rings, etc.) are always ready for training athletes and for hosting competitions of the highest level. Satellite towns hold chess tournaments, swimming competitions, fencing, canoeing, marathons, bike races, sports days and the like.

The Company will continue to support a healthy lifestyle in the future.

International boxing tournament in Netishyn

Netishyn, the satellite town of Khmelnytska NPP, hosted the 2nd International Boxing Tournament for the ATO combatants in November 2016. Boxers from western and northern regions of Ukraine, as well as from Moldova and Belarus came to the competition. In total, more than 130 athletes participated in the tournament, of which 30 were trainees of the Complex Children and Youth Sports School of Khmelnitsky NPP, who decently represented their town. The boxers performed in four age categories.

4th Bile Ozero International Open Water Swimming

Annual swimming competition took place in Bile Ozero rehabilitation and recreation complex in August. The event marked Ukraine’s Independence Day and the Company’s 20th anniversary. More than 130 athletes aged 10 to 85 took part in the 2016 competition. From amateurs to record breakers and European championship winners, they came from Ukraine and across the world. The event sought to popularise swimming among nuclear engineers, encourage athletes to improve their skills and promote healthy lifestyle among the youth and nuclear power plant employees.


Energoatom’s employees have joined a volunteer movement that gained momentum with the Russian aggression against our country. The ability of Ukrainians for the outstanding self-organisation to respond to threats to the country's existence, as well as the large-scale volunteering have proven to be just as powerful and unexpected element of resistance for the enemy. Over the first months of the military operations in Donbas, our defenders had accesses to such vital things as medicines, food, bulletproof vests, helmets, and even uniforms only thanks to the volunteers’ efforts.

At their own initiative, employees of Energoatom subdivisions have been collecting and donating targeted aid to individual military units and soldiers. The high level of communications, trust and coordination among thousands of nuclear power workers have given rise to the volunteering movement in the Company, thus significantly improving the efficiency and increasing the scope of assistance to the military in the area of counter-terrorist operations. It is very important that this movement enjoys a full support from the leadership of the separate subdivisions and the Head Office of Energoatom. In particular, this commitment takes the form of military equipment repairs done by Energoatom's motor transport enterprises, where the Company’s employees have repaired dozens of armoured vehicles, trucks and other military machinery during their nonworking hours.

Thanks to efforts of nuclear power engineers, the Ukrainian military at the front line have received various elements of military ammunition, optics, thermal imagers, communications means, power generators, chainsaws, vehicle repair kits, car tyres, heating furnaces, and many other useful and nutritional matters. Not only material assistance, but also the moral support to our soldiers remains vital. Every time Energoatom volunteers go to the firing line, they bring drawings and creative works made by small patriots, mostly by children from satellite towns of the nuclear power plants. Sincere children's drawings support the defenders of Ukraine during the most intense hours. In the National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Arts, the company held a travelling exhibition of children's works "With Hope for Victory" to support ATO soldiers and Ukrainian political prisoners.

Also, Energoatom’s volunteers have helped civilians in conflict areas, as there are still many Ukrainian citizens who live in the immediate vicinity of the front line and are deprived of the access to food and other essentials.

Volunteers of Energoatom have received recognition and thanks from the command of individual military units, but the most valuable thanks are the personal words of gratitude from the fighters who are defending our country.

"When you bring a parcel to a Ukrainian serviceman and after that his mother calls you to thank — it's an unforgettable feeling that you have made at least someone happy, even for a moment. When the guys call you and say that thanks to the things that you’ve brought, this serviceman and his brothers-in-arms were alive — these are extraordinary feelings." Oleksandr Makhno, Deputy Director of Energoatom’s Upravlinnia Spravamy separate subdivision.

Energoatom has been developing the corporate volunteering not only over the past few years. The Company has supported those in need for many years: orphans, people with disabilities, veterans, etc.

Supporting children with special needs

Support to people with special needs has become the backbone of Energoatom’s corporate volunteering movement. In 2016, the Company continued active cooperation with Down Syndrome, a national charitable organisation, helping children suffering this syndrome. The Company also closely cooperates with Levenia, an educational and rehabilitation centre for children with visual impairments in Lviv. As part of the corporate volunteering, Energoatom joined efforts with other benefactors to raise necessary funds for the country’s only early development centre for children with Down's syndrome, which offers free consultations, training programmes and materials to families bringing up such children throughout Ukraine.

In 2016, Energoatom’s volunteers took part in the Club of Open Hearts charity tournaments (mini football, paintball and bowling) organised by Down Syndrome charitable organisation. The Company and Levenia rehabilitation centre arranged a visit to Kyiv for children with visual impairments. During the trip, the children attended our office, Water Museum and Experimentanium science and technology museum. Their craft works were exhibited in the National University "Lviv Polytechnic".


An important factor encouraging the unity of Energoatom’s team is participation of employees in the social life of satellite towns. Notably, the Company makes a rather large contribution to the development of Ukrainian society.

Our employees are always enthusiastic about participating in events that mark national holidays. Since the introduction of the International Vyshyvanka Day ten years ago, employees of Energoatom change their work overalls for Ukraine’s traditional embroidered shirts, vyshyvankas, on this day. Bright colours, authenticity and originality of the clothes, as well as the unrestrained enthusiasm of the Company's employees create a festive atmosphere and encourage different contests.

To mark Ukraine's Independence Day, employees of Energoatom organise various competitions, contests, and flash mobs. For example, more than 100 staff members of Rivne NPP arranged themselves into a live coat of arms of Ukraine in 2015. To mark the 25th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, workers of Rivne NPP held a patriotic action, Smile Ukraine!.

On the day of the National Flag of Ukraine, our employees greeted each other as well as other local residents, demonstrating their commitment to the national symbols, patriotic values and team spirit of the Company.

On the Day of the Defender of Ukraine, Energoatom volunteers congratulated Ukrainian soldiers who were defending our state from the aggressor in the eastern part of the country. They went 500 km along the front line to congratulate every combatant.

The Company's employees always remember great tragedy of the Ukrainian people, the disaster at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Commemorating liquidators of the disaster, Energoatom organised various public events together with the communities in the regions of the Company's presence. This proves the commitment of Energoatom as one of the leaders in Ukrainian energy industry to the nuclear energy security, openness, social responsibility and social partnership.

Bike Ride "With Ukraine in My Heart"

To mark the Company’s 20th anniversary, 34 employees representing four NPPs and the head office rode almost 780 km. The bike ride started in Varash, the satellite town of Rivne NPP. During eight days, the participants discovered numerous hallmarks and sights in Rivne, Khmelnytsky, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, and Kyiv oblasts. During the trip, they had dozens of meetings with locals to get the message across that Ukraine’s independence begins in people’s hearts and is based on the country’s energy and economic self-reliance.


Energoatom has its own team of runners, which competes in marathon relay races and classic marathons. In 2016, the Company’s team performed high in Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon 2016, Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon 2016 and Kyiv Euro Marathon, which was held as part of celebrations of the Day of Europe in Kyiv.


Human resources management

  • Succession planning for middle and senior positions at Energoatom
  • Continuing implementation of training and skills upgrading programmes for Energoatom employees
  • Introducing a human resource management subsystem based on SAP ERP.

Developing local communities

  • Participating in the development of satellite towns of Ukrainian NPPs as part of the Ukraine 2020 sustainable development strategy, including cooperation agreements between Energoatom and local authorities
  • Continuing implementation of Energoatom’s educational projects
  • Meeting the Company’s obligation to provide social and economic compensation for risks to the population living in NPPs’ supervised areas
  • Maintaining more than 30 social infrastructure facilities in satellite towns, which facilities are in the Company's books, including community centres, sports grounds, swimming pools, hotels, etc.
  • Helping specialised health care units in providing high-quality medical services and assistance to employees of nuclear power plants and residents of satellite towns.